March 16, 2021

To:     Atlas Air and Southern Air Pilots

From: John Dietrich, President & Chief Executive Officer

This year is off to a strong start for Atlas, and I continue to be grateful for all the hard work and dedication of our pilots. We appreciate the important role each of you has played throughout this pandemic to deliver the goods that matter most around the world. Despite the incredibly complex regulatory and operating environment, you have all stepped up to keep global supply chains and our customers’ networks moving – safely and efficiently.

We are pleased to reward you for your strong contributions in 2020 with a meaningful payout under the profit-sharing plan for our pilots. The data is currently being reviewed by your union auditors, and we will make payment as soon as we receive confirmation from the union that the audit is complete and accurate. This well-deserved payout will be the largest in our company’s history and demonstrates what can be done when we all work together. Thank you for your ongoing efforts – every day.  

Our profit-sharing program is just one component of our overall compensation and benefits package for our valued pilots. We look forward to securing a new contract for our pilots soon that will be competitive in the market and will continue to reward you with enhanced pay and benefits.

Congratulations, and I thank you again for your commitment to Atlas.