September 27, 2019

Negotiations Update

Dear Crewmembers, 

As we work hard to move negotiations for the next contract forward, we met with the Union negotiators this week. Completing the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) remains our top priority. 

At this stage, we have addressed all non-economic issues. To move forward, we need to clearly understand the full economic framework for a new JCBA, which is within the purview of Union leadership. 

To date, Union leaders have declined to give us a comprehensive economic proposal that will facilitate further negotiations on the remaining Articles, all of which have economic consequences. This is despite repeated requests from the Company. 

In addition, the Union is unwilling to provide their economic parameters until there is comfort with the key terms of the new Scope Article. This is unusual since Scope is not tied to economics and it is counter to any negotiations process for an established group of professional pilots. The Union leaders’ requirement that Scope be negotiated before they offer us their economic request is a departure from longstanding and successful negotiations procedures used universally throughout the industry. 

Simply put, the company is being asked to commit to significant financial decisions without having all the key facts. On a different scale, just as any of us would not enter into a contract to buy a home or car without knowing the complete financial picture, we cannot put the company at risk by entering into such a significant agreement without all the pertinent economic details. To do so would be irresponsible and dangerous, just as it would be for a personal financial investment. Once we receive the union’s comprehensive economic proposal, we will be able to expeditiously move through the remaining Articles. 

We encourage you to stay informed of developments as they occur. You can find more information on the negotiations process at and by following @AtlasAir5Y on Twitter. 

As always, we appreciate your continued dedication to our customers and our company as we work to deliver the updated, competitive contract that you deserve. 


Jeff Carlson
Sr. Vice President Flight Operations