July 2, 2019

July 2019 Update

Dear Atlas Air and Southern Air Pilots,

As we continue our work to reach a new joint collective bargaining agreement (JCBA), we are committed to providing you with timely updates of new developments.

As you know, the arbitrator in the Southern Air management grievance recently ruled that the merger provisions contained in Section 1.B of the Southern collective bargaining agreement apply. As part of the ruling, he also ordered the Union Leaders to provide the Company with a complete Integrated Seniority List (“ISL”) within 45 days.

As we reported when the Southern decision was issued, we believe this to be a very positive step toward reaching our next JCBA as soon as possible. The merger provisions provide a timely and orderly process to get you your next contract and the pay increases you deserve in the quickest manner. In fact, had the merger provisions been followed from the outset when we announced in January 2016 of our intention for Atlas Air and Southern Air to merge, you would have your new JCBA and pay increases by now.

By way of update, we learned last Friday, June 28 that Union Leaders have filed a lawsuit in federal court in the District of Columbia seeking to vacate the arbitrator’s decision in the Southern Air management grievance.

Regrettably, this action will further delay progress toward completing your next contract. While we had hoped the Union’s Leadership would comply with the Southern arbitrator’s award and move forward with the proceedings, this does not appear to be the case.

As a positive development, and notwithstanding the ongoing legal disputes, the parties have agreed to additional bargaining dates and have scheduled two more bargaining sessions: July 30 – August 2 and August 26 – 29. We are also working on scheduling additional dates for the Company’s and Union’s Leadership to meet about Scope. We remain committed to these negotiations and have urged the Union to complete the ISL as well as provide us with their comprehensive economic proposal to allow us to make meaningful progress on the open sections.

Thank you for all you do every day. Wishing you and your families a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday.


Jeff Carlson
Senior Vice President Flight Operations