August 2, 2019

August 2019 Update

Dear Crewmembers,

In our efforts to move the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) negotiations forward, here is an update on developments this week.

Today, we concluded this week’s bargaining session with the Union, which also included a separate session on Scope. The Scope meeting proved to be very productive with ongoing open dialogue on the company’s positions, as well as the Union’s. Together, we are carefully developing the structure within Scope. Our next meeting on this important Article is later this month.

For the general bargaining session, we continue to make progress on a number of Articles. This week, we reached Tentative Agreements on Articles 8 (Deadheading) and 33 (CRAF and Hostile Area Operations). Also, we accomplished more work on Article 25 (Scheduling).

We are still awaiting a comprehensive economic proposal from Union negotiators, which will allow us to move through the remaining Articles expeditiously, as well as the Integrated Seniority List.

In a related matter, we are awaiting a decision in the Atlas Air arbitration. Earlier this week, we asked Union leaders to consider joining with us to utilize a Section of the CBA that allows for both parties to request a brief written decision from the Arbitrator, followed by a more comprehensive written decision subsequently. Yesterday, Union leaders declined our request to expedite the process in this manner.

Completing your next contract is a top priority for the company. We have consistently initiated next steps in every aspect of this process and are working diligently to complete an agreement that enhances your pay and benefits.

We encourage you to stay informed of developments as they occur. You can find more information on the negotiations process at and by following @AtlasAir5Y on Twitter.

Thank you for your interest as we work to complete the JCBA.


Jeff Carlson
Senior Vice President Flight Operations