November 8, 2019

Atlas Asks Union Leaders To Put Pilots and Their Families First

Dear Union Leaders of Local 1224 and Local 2750, 

We stand ready to finalize a new competitive contract for our pilots. 

We value our dedicated and growing crew of 2,100 Atlas Air and Southern Air pilots. They are the foundation of our company and its success. Their continued and shared commitment to safety, security and compliance are what allow us as a company to provide our customers with the high level of service they have come to expect. Our pilots safely operate nearly 60,000 departures to over 380 destinations in 89 countries with approximately 300,000 block hours a year. They are among the industry’s best and have established an outstanding record that we can all be proud of. 

This record of success is why so many pilots have chosen to join our company to advance their careers. Atlas is a growing company in an exciting and dynamic industry. For many pilots, Atlas represents an opportunity for personal and professional growth. 

Together, we have a joint responsibility to create an environment for these pilots to achieve their fullest potential. 

We are committed to rewarding our pilots with a new contract that enhances pay and benefits. This has been our stated goal since the announcement of the Atlas-Southern merger in early 2016. At that time, you publicly acknowledged that the merger had the “potential to be a strong and successful market player and thereby a place for a stable pilot career.” We fully agree and believe that still exists, perhaps even more so than before. 

The recent binding decisions by arbitrators Nicolau and Bloch, rendered in favor of both Atlas and Southern, have made clear that the current Atlas and Southern CBAs provide an expedited and defined path for a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. Per these binding arbitration decisions, you were required to provide us with the Integrated Seniority List (ISL), as a foundational step to move the negotiation process forward. The ISL for Southern was due July 27, 2019, and for Atlas, was due on October 10, 2019. Both deadlines have passed – and we have yet to receive the ISL. 

We have also repeatedly asked you to provide us with a comprehensive economic proposal so that we can understand the entire financial picture for the new JCBA. We are now at a point in bargaining when there is nothing left to negotiate that does not have an economic impact. 

Failing to deliver the ISL, as well as refusing to deliver a comprehensive economic proposal, has stalled the negotiations to the detriment of our pilots who have been waiting way too long for a new contract. 

With the upcoming bargaining session scheduled for next week, we urge you to provide us with your economic proposal and ISL immediately. These are essential next steps that only you can take to make meaningful progress forward. 

It is time to secure a new contract that rewards them for their outstanding service and dedication. It is time to give our pilots what they have worked for. It is time for the union leaders to put our pilots and their families first. 


Bill Flynn 
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer