Dear Pilots,

We value our more than 2,100 crew members and remain committed to working collaboratively with union leaders to complete the contract that our pilots deserve.

We include 5Y in the website name because, as the Atlas call sign, it identifies us as a team. You are a significant part of our team and we want to finalize a new agreement for you. This site is a resource for you as the negotiations process continues.

We know you and your families have many questions about the state of the negotiations, and we will continue to keep you well informed.  At this stage, we have completed approximately 60% of the components of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. We remain committed to continue working collaboratively with union leaders to efficiently negotiate and finalize your new agreement.  With significant and binding legal decisions behind us, all in favor of both Atlas Air and Southern Air, we urge union leaders to honor their obligations and join us in completing your new contract.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to this company, our customers and to one another. 

John Dietrich
President and Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Air Worldwide