December 30, 2019

A Message from John Dietrich: An Update in our Pilot Contract Negotiations

I am pleased to formally announce that Atlas Air and Southern Air have engaged P. Douglas (“Doug”) McKeen to head the companies’ team in negotiations for your new joint CBA.

Doug brings a wide and diverse breadth of experience in labor negotiations to the table. Most recently as United’s Senior Vice President of Labor Relations, he has worked effectively with many labor groups, including the UAL Technicians and Simulator Technicians, who are also represented by the Teamsters Airline Division. Under Doug’s leadership, both groups were able to achieve solid agreements that have been favorable to their members.

We are indeed fortunate to have a seasoned professional like Doug joining this effort. As he steps into this role, Doug is very eager to listen and learn from our Crews to understand your priorities, your challenges, and the unique worldwide environment in which you operate.

Doug will be in contact with Trustee Captain Bob Kirchner and Chairman Brian Holmberg to coordinate future discussions.

We look forward to the meetings and the successful conclusion of a new joint CBA as soon as possible.

John Dietrich
President & Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Air Worldwide