June 6, 2019

A Welcome Message from Captain Jeff Carlson, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations, Atlas Air

Dear Atlas Air and Southern Air Crewmembers,

We know the status of your contract negotiations is of great importance to you and your families. We are committed to providing you regular updates through our existing communications channels, and now, through a new website for you – AtlasAir5YPilots.com. This website is designed to keep you informed and serve as a fact-based resource for the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) process. In addition to sharing the latest information about negotiations, AtlasAir5YPilots.com details the company’s commitment to the merger and a new JCBA that will enhance your overall pay and benefits.

We want you to be informed with the facts in order to realize a swift resolution of the contract negotiations. You can also follow @AtlasAir5Y on Twitter for updates. 

Thank you for all you do.

Jeff Carlson
Senior Vice President
Flight Operations

Atlas Air