July 8, 2019

A Message for Crewmembers from Bill Flynn

Dear Atlas & Southern Air Crewmembers,

I would like to update you on an important development as we work to reach a new joint collective bargaining agreement (JCBA) for you — our valued pilots — as soon as possible. 

We learned on Friday that the U.S. Court of Appeals has unanimously affirmed the preliminary injunction entered by the Federal District Court ordering the IBT to stop the intentional illegal work slowdown by Atlas Air pilots in violation of the Railway Labor Act.  The ruling was unanimously entered from a three-judge panel. 

While we regretted to have had to take such an extraordinary step of pursuing this legal recourse, we were compelled to do so to protect our customers’ best interest and the integrity of our operation that all of our employees support. 

We remain focused on continuing to make progress towards an updated JCBA in our upcoming bargaining sessions, July 30 – August 2 and August 26-29.  Additionally, we look forward to seeing many of our pilots at the Check Airman meeting in MIA in mid-August. 

We will continue to provide updates as developments occur. As always, we appreciate your hard work and dedication, and thank you for sharing in our commitment to our customers.

Bill Flynn